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The Possibility of Materialism - a critique of David Chalmers' argument that there cannot be a materialist explanation of consciousness. I've been working on this article, in one form or another, for more than five years, and it has mutated dramatically on several occasions along the way. This final version is rather long (27,000 words), but there's also a much shorter Précis, and a slide presentation of the main points. And I have finally managed to distil the key points down to just 500 words.

And here’s a link to my Philosophy notes - a series of notes that I put together as part of an informal research project between 2000 and 2005:

1:  A brief introduction

2:  Mirroring reality: how not to think about the world

3:  An alternative metaphor

4:  Emergence, existence, and explanation

5:  Conscious experiences

6:  In lieu of a conclusion ...

Appendix:  Realism and the physical world


'Up the Roding' - An occasional blog about walking in the North East London edgelands and various other places

And in case you’re wondering, the drawing at the top of the page is by Marcelo M. Maturana, and appears in "From Being to Doing" by H. Maturana & B. Poerksen.


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